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Hunt ID:6013-NE-G-L-2695-Plains-MDeer-NE-OSHO4SHK-R1S-YC2O-Muleys in Corn and Sandhills
FEEL THE MAJIC OF THE MULE DEER RUT ! If you didn’t feel it try again. Feel the magic of the Deer Rut!
If you didn’t feel it that time please check your pulse I think you are dead.

There are very few places in this country where you can hunt Mule Deer during the rut 11/10-11/19 except here. Also, not 10 years and 10 points required to get a license. In addition, no $2000 voucher required to get a license. There are very few places where you can get a license without paying for an expensive vouchers or years of preference point. Then again there are even fewer place where the hunt can be a LOW IMPACT hunt. That is riding in a 4-wheel drive vehicle and glassing thousands of acres for just the right buck. Many hunters wanting a big mule deer are not physically able to endure the standard mountain hunt, walking steep slopes at 8,000 feet of altitude in the windblown snow. At 50 or 60 years old you will leave that to the youngsters and you will go on this gentleman’s hunt. If we could limit this to hunters 50 or older I would. The youngster just wants to walk the sand hills to see what is there. We do that in the comfort of a 4-wheel drive truck with a heater. This hunt in rolling flat land at about 4,000 feet in elevation. The only walking you do is after you spot your buck of a lifetime you and your guide will decide on a route to take to stalk within shooting distance of the big buck that you select. That is why this hunt is so popular and books up so quickly each year. Welcome to the hunt of a lifetime. Add to it the bucks swollen necks, and chasing does. If they are not with does when you see them they are on the way to check the next herd of does. He is love sick and doesn’t care about you.
The circle irrigation sprinklers are as good at growing corn as the sandhills are at making Mule Deer. This Ranch/Farm of about 8000 has both. If you have never heard of Mule Deer Low Impact Hunts in the Nebraska Sandhills then you have missed some of the best mule deer hunts you can ever get. No walking all day, up and down hills in the cold and snow chasing bucks that can’t even spell RUT. At the same time beating up your own vehicle that you need to rely on to get you home at the end of the hunt.
This Low Impact Hunt Mule Deer hunt in the Western Nebraska Sandhills is mostly drive and glass from the outfitters truck, (Beat his truck up, not yours). The deer feed in the morning and evening in the picked corn fields, with 2 track roads around them. During the midday, the deer retreat to the sandhills and spread out. There are many roads from cattle ranching so there is good access on all private land. Also remember this is all done during the RUT, so it doesn’t get any better than this. Most states don’t allow hunting Mule Deer During the rut but Nebraska does. We are here to facilitate a hunt and a good time. If that is what you come for sign up. If not then this hunt is probably not for you, because you need a higher priced hunt.
Once spotted it is all about slipping out of the truck and making a stalk wit shot averaging about 200 yards on most occasions. We are believers that if you feel it is a trophy, and the one you want you pull the trigger. We do not have any type of minimum/maximum requirement or penalty. Because of that some of are pictures are a smaller representative of what is available. Most years we fill out in 2 days because the hunter felt the buck was what they were looking for and pulled the trigger. We can advise you while hunting if a buck is a good representative of buck that we normally see during the hunt. Since the Nebraska Rifle Season is right during the rut you really don’t know what is over the next hill because the bucks can cover 5 miles in a night and they are looking for does.
Normally they don’t feed much in the sandhills, selecting to move out to adjacent Nebraska crops of alfalfa (7% Protein) and corn (7% Protein) if available. If not, available they will do well on the forbes and bushes with a 5-15% protein level depending on which plants) in the Sandhills.
As the rut approaches they will move toward the areas with the faming food supplies because the does with the fawns have moved there to take advantage of the easy meals. Fewer predator’s closer to habitation is also an advantage for the does when the fawns are young. Hunting during the November Rut provides a sight not seen by many as big buck show up in a treeless area coming to the crops to look for the does. And yes, they can be rut dumb bucks. In most of the mule deer states the Mule Deer are not hunted during the rut but instead protected. You are in one of the exceptions and in for the time of your life.
Their days are spend laying on the shady north side of a basin when it is hot, while moving to the south side of a basin when it is cold. As for the wind, they move lower in the basin to avoid the wind if needed. Not all sand hills are identical, many have extremely high crests or mountains and possibly a sharp edge making the thermos protection even better for the deer spending their leisurely days in the unique cover.
As for hunting the sandhill during the mid-day there is usually 2 track roads in the Sandhill’s used by ranchers to manage the herds of cattle and check the water tanks that are required due to the almost non-existent natural water sources in the sandhills.
Think like a Mule Deer and you will be right in the middle of them, or easier yet listen to your guide and he will quickly be cleaning your buck.
The ranch is a working cattle ranch with farming of corn and alfalfa for sale and cattle feed during the winter. If the cattle are here the deer will do well with feed and water always available. The Deer have been managed for quality and continue to do well on the habitat provided. Only 2 Mule deer bucks, are harvested each year to not only protect the quality but to enhance the quality every year.
Every year the buck take continues to improve in quality as the age of the average buck’s increase.
Your Outfitter and guide have a long run of many years of Mule deer hunting followed by many more years of Guiding and outfitting in Nebraska and Wyoming. In Nebraska, we provide fair chase spot & stalk and blind Mule Deer, Whitetail and Archery Antelope Hunts for clients from all over the county that are looking for an affordable hunt with enjoyable comfortable lodging and meals.

In many of the western states drawing a license is more difficult than filling the license. Nebraska has the answer to that by not using vouchers, and only having one unit where points are needed. We take care of applying for the license for you so that you have a license before you ever leave home.
This ranch is in Nebraska the Plains Unit which contains Garden County, Nebraska. Even though it does have mule deer it is not in the Mule Deer Conservation Zone and as restricted as the Frenchman Unit. It does not require points to draw a license in the Plains Unit as it does in the Frenchman. All that is required is to apply for a deer license in June. On the internet. It is a 100% draw with some licenses usually left over. Nebraska is new to drawing method and mixing it with mule deer management so changes are in the area annually, so it could change at any time so don’t miss your opportunity this year we only have a set amount of hunting years in us and that is if everything goes well in the unforeseen future. Your license is good for a whitetail buck or doe as well. The only one protected is the mule deer doe. You cannot shoot a mule deer doe, they are protected. The buck deer license is only $ 260 with habit Stamp.
Enjoying Your Stay
We primarily hunt 2-3 hunters to 1 guide. The hunts are minimal impact but can be increased to match the hunters desire. Transportation while hunting is in a 4 WD vehicle driving 2 tracks and cross country if needed. The lay of the land fits favorably to driving and covering a lot of ground if needed to find the buck of your dreams. There are the bucks that have been nocturnal earlier but now the rut and the roaming have gotten to where the still breed able does are beginning to get scarce, so they are breaking the mold and being seen during daylight.
The outfitter has many years of experience with mule deer in Wyoming and Nebraska and his ongoing 100% success attests to that.

Our hunting properties are in western Nebraska allowing us to hunt some most beautiful game filled ranches located in the Wildcat Hills, Sandhills, and High Plains regions of this most accommodating state for Non-resident hunters.
You will be hunting the famous area for mule deer in the sand hills and whitetail deer along the river bottoms if you are interested in Whitetail deer hunt or a combo hunt of 1 of each.
The Sandhills are you will be hunting the premier Wildcat Hills and Sandhills and provided a free range, fair chase spot & stalk hunt with Mule Deer, Whitetail and Archery Antelope Hunts. In Nebraska, a non-Resident must use archery equipment including a crossbow to kill a buck antelope which is a restriction for the non-resident. In most cases we take the non-Resident antelope hunters a short drive over the border into Wyoming where more antelope are available and non-residents can use a rifle on buck antelope all day long.
This hunt 1 on 1 is $6000 discounted for the 4 day hunt down to only $ 3695
This hunt 2 on 1 is $4200 discounted for the 4 day hunt down to only $ 2395.
Meals and Lodging are required at the discounted rate of only $ 95 per day.
Meals and Lodging for non-hunting guests are at the discounted rate of only $ 50 per day.
2 on 1 or 3 on 1 is $ 2395 plus $380= $2775 *****
1 on 1 hunting is $ 1000 if guides are available.
A second buck can be taken for an additional $ 1500
Meals and lodging are few and far between in this desolate land with even only a few small towns within decent driving distance. It is also imperative that you get to the lodge to go hunt from the on time so you don’t miss your truck leaving early to be in the field at first light which is a prime time for big buck movement. If you miss the truck due to unforeseen circumstances the rest of the group will leave on time without you and cell service is minimal in most areas.
We have looked at staying in a motel and getting meals in one of the towns within a 30-minute drive and along with the undependable arrival time and the driving each morning and evening your costs would be $ 125 to $ 150 a day. Because of this the outfitter has contracted to a very nice resort in a perfect location for the hunt for and was able to provide good lodging, with breakfast, sack lunch and dinner for only $95 per person. Non-Hunting guests are only $ 50 per day. Even if you want to bring a motor home and stay in it and cook yourself the price is the same. Without the commitment by everyone the lodging and meals would be $ 150 per day, so it is worth the discount and the organizational process to get everyone out there before 1st light.
With this we have made it a requirement that you stay at the lodge and eat at the lodge because we cannot provide these low rates unless we have full occupancy during the hunts.
This is another one of my special small group hunts. There is only a total of 4 hunters per year. It is about 11/10, (The second Saturday in November traditionally) 12,13,14, 15, 16, 17, 18, and 19 and that is all, most are done the first 2 days, but it is a 4 day hunt.
This hunt does not have meals and lodging included but there are local motels and restaurants to the ranch where you will be hunting.
Our Premium Mule Deer Hunts are a full 4 days of adventure but a 5th day can be purchased for $ 750 1 on 1 or $495 2 on 1. This hunt comes many miles of sand hills but, “you don’t walk until you see brown.” We don’t walk aimlessly through the sandhills looking for deer when you are walking we have a target in mind. Also, these big boys are in a low deer density so it is important to use the vehicle to cover the thousands of acres required to find that special buck for you. Even though Mule Deer bed in the safety of the sand hills they still leave their safety to feed on the planted, Corn, Wheat and Alfalfa. Those area usually have water also so they look forward to mornings and evenings eating around the water hole. Our set up in the travel corridor allows us to easily see the number and quality of bucks in that very area.
You are hunting during the rut so each buck travels after servicing the does that are in heat at that time, usually a day or 2, then moves to the next doe herd. Many times, the does have a set pattern every day so the buck knows where to find them and many time will post near the cornfield after finding their daily route to the corn with his nose and waiting.
Mid-day you drive the sand hills and finding the deer bedded or playing chase, it just depends on what they are doing when your sharp eye guide spots them and sizes them up on the hoof for quality.
You will be hunting Mule Deer in the heat of the rut. It doesn’t get much better than that. If you have ever seen Whitetail chasing, or a buck staying right behind a doe, watching her every move, riding behind her so close he that if he were driving John Law would give him a ticket for following to close.
Well that is what you are in for along with traveling buck from all over the Sandhill’s. Well this is in full screen, in living color and mule deer are seen very seldom with a rifle in your hand because very few states allow rifle hunting mule deer during the rut. It is what I call the Magic of the Rut! If this doesn’t get you excited, then check your pulse quickly, you might be dead.
Archery Mule Deer Hunts and Muzzleloader Mule Deer Hunts are similar but the base hunt price is $ 200 less.
Nebraska enjoys an over the counter archery license and a 3-month season. The Muzzleloader season is the complete month of December allowing you to hunt the end of the rut on December 1st or the time they go into their “energy efficiency mode” during the rest of December when they rebuild there body from the rut. Now, they are very easy to pattern because they don’t travel anywhere that they don’t have to and are commonly seen laying out on the sunny side of the hill in broad daylight enjoying the heat of the radiant sun.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Minimal Legalities
• Muzzleloading rifles .44-caliber or larger, this allows a scope, and th4e 3x9 or 4x12 scope is recommended. Blackhorn209 powder is recommended to take advantage of its long-range accuracy and the scopes potential. Bullet options including Sabots or Powerbelts. Blaze orange requirement are 400 inches or more which is usually covered with just a blaze orange vest.
3. Varmint Hunts – Coyote (Winter) and Prairie Dog (Summer) - $300 per Day, 2 hunters minimum and is a terrific way to build your shooting skills during the summer for the anticipated hunt. If you book a Mule deer hunt you will receive a prairie dog day during the prior of following summer. Not during the deer hunting season.
Our ranches allow for coyote and prairie dog hunts (High Plains Ranch) as an optional per gun hunt to the Antelope and Deer hunting. These hunts help with supplementing our initial lease bonus payments paid at the beginning of each calendar year. Western Nebraska has a good amount of Prairie Dog Towns in Kimball, Banner, Deuel, and Cheyenne Counties that are a terrific way to test the skills of a lot of our long-distance clients that love to take those long shots. Especially to the east coast client that doesn’t get to take shots over 150 yards. We set up shooting tables and spotting scopes and let it rip. Lunches are provided.
Coyote hunting consists of early morning hunts during the months of January-March. Mechanical calls and visuals on our Wildcat Hills Ranch in Morrill County. This is skill building at its best. When hunting coyotes, it is a predator hunting a predator and you will gain much respect for the skills that the coyote uses against you as you push yours to the hilt against him. This hunt takes place in the winter because the coyotes stand out on the snow and must travel more to get enough to eat in the wintry weather.
Guided Pheasant hunts in picked corn, tree rows and CRP are available outside the Deer season hunting for only $ 250 per day. To continue to keep our quality high we do not have any unguided pheasant hunt available since this is all private land.
There has been the option for hunters to have the peak of the rut and the biggest bucks on the ranch the last 4 days of the Nebraska season, arrive on the 15 and hunt 16,17,18 and 19th.
This is the “Heat of the RUT” and the only things the bucks care about are does. Not you with a rifle.
Usually the first of the season hunters only hunt the weekend then go home allowing the ranch to be quiet 13th, 14th, and 15 before you begin your hunt on the 16th. There are multiple ranches to hunt so the property is rotated to assure it is not hunted to heavy.

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